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Reasons why 925 jewelry

Reasons why 925 Silver Jewellery

If you are new to buying fine jewellery online, all you need is a trustworthy store to shop for your unique collection. If you are a fan of silver jewellery, Kimara has exquisite embellishments threaded for you. Our exclusive jewellery store offers the most bedazzling 925 silver jewellery that you’ll love to flaunt. The store provides a plethora of stunning silver ornament designs. From semi-precious to precious adornments to wear regularly or add to complete your look on a special occasion. 

Well-curated designs 

At Kimara, our expert craftsmen integrate fashion and quality to carve out unique silver adornments that you’ll cherish owning. We have the most extensive collection of silver ornaments designed in different styles to suit your needs. You’ll love flaunting the latest arrivals added to our catalogue with changing fashion trends. From pendant sets, rings, bracelets to necklaces and more for both men and women, you can shop for authentic silver accessories designed to bring out the best in you. 

Be it for your wedding, birthday, or a farewell party, designer jewellery from Kimara can make memorable gifts to be treasured for a lifetime. Whether you buy for yourself or gift a piece of jewellery to someone you love, we know you are looking for the best. It is essential to check for the authenticity of the product. Buying online can feel risky, but with an esteemed store like Kimara, you can be sure of landing the best quality and contemporary designs that don’t get outmoded. So whichever occasion you are looking at, you can get an exclusive design at Kimara to suit your personality. 

The Magic of Sterling Silver 

If you are buying silver for the first time and are unsure what to shop for, 925 silver jewellery is the best you can get your hands on. Also known as sterling silver, this is a metal alloy used to carve jewellery and a variety of precious decorative household objects. The 925 hallmark indicates the purity of the silver cast to make jewellery. Pure silver is naturally soft and susceptible to breaking if the jewellery is not blended with a stronger metal. However, buying from an unreliable store may not be a good idea as you won’t know what your silver has been made of actually.

At Kimara, we take pride in presenting functional 925 silver jewellery that you can wear with style. We ensure durability in every design we make. You won’t find it difficult to care for your silver jewellery embellishments shopped from our store. Our jewellery pieces are created keeping into consideration the dullness caused due to skin oils, moisture and the overall metal composition. You can wear them as good as new every time with minimal care. You can shop for creative bestsellers, new arrivals, or featured silver jewellery designs at our boutique store. Crafted with love, we make sure that our customers buy genuine sterling silver add-ons fearlessly from the comfort of their homes within a few clicks through our online store. 

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