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About Us


Everyone has a right to wear beautiful jewellery.  Beautiful and budget friendly - KIMARA. Our mission is to make jewellery budgets friendly for middle class families while not compromising on quality.  

Let’s keep the other two businesses separate. We have been in this business for 30 years! Started in 2021. 

24th August, 2021 - Started selling in retail. 

But then to reach a wider audience and wantour Kings and Queens to wear beautiful jewellery at low price at high quality. We decided to go digital! 

Started working on our website and went to ecommerce stores - so that people can afford good jewellery in just a few clicks. 

Repurchasing for every ocassion to gift their loved once cause of the quality and affordibility of the product. 

It feels awesome to close the gates of the store when you know today you bring smiles to a dozen families. Someone’s sister, someone’s mom, someone’s wife would be smiling ear to ear wearing their perfect bracelet, earring or pendant. 

Why choose silver jewellery? 

Affordable can also be made artificial also. But it’s not good for skin 

So we chose silver, because  for KIMARA your safety comes first, we chose to coat our silver jewelry with Rhodium. It didn’t tarnish and doesn’t harm your skin1 

Light weighted, and easy to wear! 

Have more options in the same budget 

Imbued with quality, at Kimara, we present the finest range of jewellery to our clients. Every unique piece created by our skilled craftsmen at the Kimara jewellery boutique unfolds a beautiful story of our commitment and rich heritage. As a store dedicated to gracing your beauty with our exquisite embellishments, we have catered to your needs since 1986.

  • We continue prioritising our customer needs and preferences with over three decades of experience and knowledge of the industry. We strive to offer elusive designs that resonate with their emotions as they flaunt our signature jewellery pieces. We bring our fine collection to your fingertips with our exclusive online store. When you don’t wish to step out of your home, you can continue enjoying shopping for gorgeous adornments for yourself or gift them to your loved ones. You can also visit our offline store in Chhattisgarh to check out our prized collection.

Founder story of Naman 

Naman Baid, the founder of Kimara, was keen on launching the online jewellery store to enable access to quality jewellery from anywhere, anytime. We ensure that every design is exclusively crafted to appeal to your taste and attitude. You can get customised pieces to complement your attire or occasion. At Kimara, we believe that every woman should afford her little piece of magic jewellery. We make sure you can purchase stunning embellishments for yourself at affordable prices.


At Kimara, we don’t just sell jewellery as we aim at touching lives. Be it your special day, a family event or a gift you wish to get tailor-made for your special someone, you can shop for customised designer ornaments. We are on a mission to kindle magic in every woman’s life. With both our online and offline stores, we aim at opening our dreamy collection to thousands of customers seeking distinct jewellery. You will simply fall in love with our high-quality jewellery designs. Our collection pushes all boundaries by high-quality jewellery makers. At our store, we ensure that our customers are offered our boutique pieces at fair prices. And yes, we do not compromise with the ethics while sourcing them.

Our online store establishes a contemporary outlook. Selling our creations online helps us evade traditional markups which enables us to transfer our savings to our customers with best prices offered. We firmly believe that high-quality jewellery shouldn’t be limited to a certain section of society. We reinstate this with affordable pricing of our high-quality ornaments.

It was in 2021 that our founder approached Kimara with a fresh take. His passion for creating classy jewellery for one and all took the shape of his progressive vision. To give the traditional jewellery business a contemporary twist, Kimara replaced outmoded with fashionable designs that vouch for quality and look. Also, focusing on accessibility, the brand creates a wide range of fashion and fine jewellery to suit your likes and preferences. Customers scouting for modern and exclusive jewellery designs in precious metals such as diamond and gold can also visit our offline store and make a statement wherever they go. From gemstone settings to neutral designs, you can expect Kimara’s jewellery stock to cater to all your individual needs. Every piece is crafted with care and authenticity so that it can stand the test of time and become a timeless possession for you.

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