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Gift Guide

Gifting Guide

A curated piece of jewellery can make a spectacular gift for any occasion and when it’s from Kimara, you can be sure of the quality and make. At Kimara, our expert silversmith carves unique designs that talk volumes on jewellery appeal. When gifting Kimara’s creation to your loved ones, all you need is to simply choose the design and we will take care of the rest.

Silver jewellery from our exclusive store can be treasured as an heirloom for generations to come. Pick any 925 silver jewellery from our catalogue to gift your friends or family members on their special day. You can be sure they will cherish your gift for a lifetime. We understand that choosing a piece of jewellery can sometimes look like a challenge, especially if you aren’t familiar with the recipient’s preference. You can always reach out to our support team for tips on making the right pick.

How to Find the Right Size?

Want to surprise your wife with a stunning silver ring on your first wedding anniversary? You can check a variety of designs at our esteemed online store. If the appropriate size is the concern, you can refer to the ring size chart. This chart measures the inside diameter of the ring in millimetres. You can always use a wrap string or paper around the base of the finger to get the correct measures.

Why 925 Silver Jewellery is the Best Gift you can Think of

From vintage-styled embellishments to fashionable contemporary adornments, at Kimara, you will never fall short of options when shopping for jewellery for your dear ones. You can trust us for the high quality of sterling silver. The gift recipient will adore our exquisite designs making it an invaluable addition to their treasure chest.

925 silver is versatile, timeless and sophisticated. This alloy is one of the most precious metals which many people love wearing. The special polish ensures that every piece you shortlist highlights its durability and sheen. While pure silver is soft and malleable, Kimara manages to get you the most elegant silver collection range. Our products embody all the beauty of silver including the lustre and eliminate the weakness of pure silver combined with the appropriate fortifying elements.

Easy to maintain and affordably priced, you can pick anything from pendants, bracelets to earrings and rings to gift people who love flaunting jewellery. Lightweight, easily customizable, smoothly finished and guaranteeing increased strength, silver adornments from Kimara can make an admirable and priceless gift. Hassle-free maintenance makes sterling silver a popular choice for jewellery that anyone can wear. Whether you string it around the year or wear it as vanity embellishments to grace special occasions, Kimara’s stellar collection vouches for perennial elegance.

Every 925 silver jewellery piece you see at Kimara is made to last for years. Our classic designs can fit any personality and their unique styles. We are excited to help you find the perfect gifting piece.

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