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Certified Jewellery

925 Certified Jewellery

At KIMARA, we CARE. For us, Customers Are Really Everything, we firmly believe that they should be sufficiently informed about the products they buy from us. We go through a rigorous certification, rest assured that every material used in our jewellery is of top quality. Almost all our products will carry a stamp of 925 Silver. In extremely rare circumstances, the silver used will be slightly less pure than 92.5%; which will be mentioned with the product details.

KIMARA Certified,

(autheticity certificate) 

Bureau of Indian Certified

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Frequently Asked Question 

1. Can 925 silver be faked?

Yes 925 silver can be faked, but worry not you can easily figure out if it is faked. 

2. Will a magnet stick to 925 silver?

Silver is not noticeably magnetic, and exhibits only weak magnetic effects so If your magnet sticks strongly to the piece, it has a ferromagnetic core and is not silver.

3. Is real silver stamped with 925?

The stamp 925 is used to identify genuine sterling silver jewelry, which contains 92.5% silver. 

4. Is sterling silver 925 worth anything?


5. How to tell sterling silver from plated? 

You should see one of the following markings or something similar: "9.25," "925/1000," "Sterling," "S/S" or "Sterling 9.25." If you do not see any of these markings,there is good chance that the item is silver plated and not 925 silver

1. How can you tell if something is solid silver or silver plated

Naman Baid  Using vinegar or go to your tusted jewellery store, they will let you know KIMARA jewelery is pur, and they are BESTTTTT 

2. Can I  test silver at home?Silver has the highest thermal conductivity so the best thing you can do at hpme is to place an ice cube on a silver coin or flatware. If the ice cube melts quickly, then the metal you own is real. Further, you can test it with magnet, if your product get attracted towards magnet, it’s fake.

1. Is 925 silver good quality?

925 is a good quality silver, containing 92.5% silver. 

2. Is 925 silver actually silver?

Yes it is, 925 silver contains 92.5% silver

3. Do KImara uses mickel in their product? 


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